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In a few words...

The restaurant spreads out to the street through a bay window which reminds you of previous workshops, it plays with vertical lines that resonate in the ceiling lighting. The brick and stone walls assert the desire of a rustic style made from raw elements in the service of a very refined cuisine. In the back, the kitchen opens out to the restaurant so that the guests can see what is being made.

The wooden furniture is a result of a collaboration with our friend Jean-Marie Lacombe who came up with the idea of tablecloths made up of polished ebony with a velvety touch and a deep matte black finish. Each table has a hidden drawer which contains cutlery and other necessary accessories.

A spiral staircase creates a metallic curve which broadens the prospects and provides access to the office floors while another staircase goes down to the changing rooms, cellar and toilet, with an iron railing around the basement which guides your steps.

I chose to dedicate myself to cookery as I am a food lover. A cuisine full of tastes, colours, flavours and shapes, a meaningful cuisine that speaks to the five senses.

The dinning table is a place of pleasure and meeting. A place for everyone where you can laugh, share and have a feast. I want to bring together those who work in the restaurant and those who come to have dinner. I want to express this vision, my vision, of the restaurant through my cuisine: friendly purity and warm minimalism. And to this day, it has been successful. I always wanted to create a small generous restaurant where my dishes may represent the respect I have for others.

My cuisine is linked to my childhood memories, happy moments shared with my family at the dinner table. Also linked to memories of my trips, particularly my trip to Japan, intimate moments between friends, those moments shared with Delphine and Akali. All these memories, these subtle flavours are found at some point in my cuisine, a warm and sometimes daring blend between Aveyron and Japan, Moroccan Atlas Mountains and Normandy.


The chef

Alexandre Bourdas

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