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At L’Abysse, Yannick Alléno heralds his passion for Japan and the art of sushi he discovered many years ago near to Hachiro Mizutani.

With the excellence which characterizes him, he delivers a tribute to this miniture pillard of the world gastronomy and offers to (re)discover the real taste of such a delicate and complex dish.

L’Abysse showcases nigiris through menus or omakasé, with, to accompany them, several dishes expressing the forward-thinking personality of the chef, and one of the most astonishing sake menu in France thanks to Louis Robuchon-Abe and Japan Exquise.

As for the frame, Laurence Bonnel-Alléno gathers, in this sunbathed venue created like a white box, some of the most influential contemporary artists including Tadashi Kawamata and William Coggin for a very Japanese neat decor that mixes force and softness.

Yannick Alléno discovered Japan at the age of 20, when for 3 weeks he had been spending time in Tokyo, Saporo and Kyoto, searching for unknown flavours and learning more and more about a culture that already fascinated him.

From this extraordinary change-of-scene, a passion was born; a passion that not only got him to travel back and forth about thirty times but also to open this Japanese sushi counter in Paris.

Amongst his many journeys, one was fundamental: his internship with master Hachiro Mizutani, a MICHELIN 3-star chef, retired since.

The encounter between Alléno and Yasunari Okazaki, late 2016 while he was passing through Tokyo, awoke the old dream of the French to promote the impressive Japanese sushi know-how in France. For Okazaky, only 40, who has been taught by his father before any kaiseki and sushi master, this opportunity was a must-do. On May 1, 2018, he left his country to settle down in France.

Leaving his brand new restaurant to the expert hands of Okazaki, Yannick Alléno knees in front of the amazing complexity of this small bite that requires the most perfect gesture and the absolute understanding of the “cooking of the time”.


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Yasunari Okazaki

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