Pierre Gagnaire

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Pierre Gagnaire


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Painting fascinates me and I always let myself go wherever it takes me.

The painter takes his own personal language and uses that to express things which seemed inexpressible. He offers something to look at and the same time something to share. Personally I like this idea of sharing. I need to put some poetry in my plates.

The presentation of a dish teaches me new rules of harmony and through this exercise, I find a form of peace.

I always have to position my cuisine visually. In this I am guided by my instinct, which helps me perceive qualities and flaws and from time to time, reveals new flavours to me.

The composition of a dish must always be well assembled, easy to understand but also individual. I look both to be moved by the dish and also to give pleasure for others. For me, it is a « human » cuisine which requires humility from both the chef and the person who is to taste the dish.

Pierre Gagnaire

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Pierre Gagnaire (Paris)

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