Maison Lameloise

36, place d’Armes - 71150 CHAGNY
Maison Lameloise


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The area, that of Burgundy, an anchor for the Maison Lameloise, a veritable institution of French Gastronomy and which appeared in the first Michelin Guide in 1900, is the source of more than 90 years of a certain art de vivre. It is here, in Chagny, that a history of Chefs & stars began where three Lameloise generations have succeeded, Pierre, Jean & Jacques.

Five rooms offer the restaurant different volumes and atmospheres so that everyone may find a sprig from home. The architecture of the building created the interior spaces and their management has evolved over time. Exposed stone and wooden beams still honour French and Burgundian tradition.

The soul of the house would not be without an attentive staff, a strong team attached to the Lameloise spirit, which is still witness and relay of this hospitality that survives from generation to generation.

Creative and demanding, Eric Pras was able to make his mark on the Maison Lameloise menu, thus giving new life to this mythical table. His cuisine, fresh, precise and delicate, banished the balance of power. It is thought around the product, to put it forward: this is the recipe that enhances the land. Particular attention is paid to pairing food and wine.

With great technical rigour, Eric Pras passes the harmony of flavours first. From “Scampi, hot & cold with green apple juice, light cream with Fallot mustard and Aquitaine caviar” to “Burgundy snail tart, fresh garden salad and seasonal vegetables, fizzy pickled garlic and nettle coulis “his cuisine gives Burgundy a fresh and light feel.

Maison Lameloise

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